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Event Sessions Bookmark

AUTHOR: EventX product team

If you have already targeted some webinars/ on-demand videos before they begin, you don't need to look any further by scrolling down the page. You can create a bookmark in advance by clicking the bookmark icon under the session/ video and the colour of the "Saved Sessions" tab will change from grey to black.

You can access the saved sessions more quicker with only one click.

To delete the bookmarked session, you just need to click the bookmark icon again. If no bookmark has been made, a message of "No results found" will be shown under the "Saved Sessions" page.

If you're looking for a faster way to mark down the date and time of a specific sessions, you can click directly on the calendar icon and choose the email applications. A new tab will be opened for the email application with session details (date, time, session name and a direct link) filled automictically.

Note: We only support Google, Apple, Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo calendar.

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