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Inviting speaker to join with ONE-CLICK LINK

AUTHOR: EventX product team

Some of your event speakers may experience problems about getting into an event, they are not able to join when their webinar is about to begin. Our one-click link is designed to help and prevent any log in issues, speakers can join the event directly and immediately by ONE CLICK.

Creating ONE-CLICK LINK in 2 steps

Event host can create a ONE-CLICK link for speakers, and send it to them directly through email.

  1. CLICK “+ Add Speaker Instantly ”

  1. INPUT “Name” & “Email Address” of speaker to send the link

  2. DONE: Invitation Email Sent

Speaker can join the webinar directly from the magic link in email.

Important Notes

Due to the security reason, the link will be valid for one time click and 15 minutes only.

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